Rules & Regulations
Central Library - Rules & Regulations
Students are instructed to strictly adhere to the following rules while utilizing the library facilities.

1.      Library Timings: 8:30 a.m.- 6:30 p.m.

2.      Perfect silence should be maintained in the library.

3.      Students will be given 3 (Three) library tokens and books will be issued on producing of the library tokens.

4.      Issue and return of books should be done only during the specified library hours.

5.      Students can keep the book for 15 days at a time.

6.      Books should be returned on or before the due date.

7.      A fine of Re.1/- will be charged per day per book for returning the books after the due date.

8.      No replacement of a library token if lost, until enquiry.

9.      Any loss or willful damage to the library books, magazines or library property by the students will be severely dealt with and the loss will be duly compensated.

10.    Reference books, Magazines, Journals and dailies should not be taken out of the library. 

11.    Journals / Magazines if found  useful for projects or paper presentations, can be taken under “Overnight Issue”. And if not returned the next day, a fine of Rs 1/- per journal or magazine per day will be collected.

12.    Only papers and writing instruments are allowed inside the library. Students are instructed to keep their belongings, if any, in the shelf kept outside the library, at their own risk.

13.    Writing or underlining on the books and journals will not be entertained.

14.    Misplacement of books/Magazines journals will not be entertained.

15.    Education CD’s and floppies can be lent for a period of one week.

16.    Anna University Membership Card is available in the library, using which the students and staff of Idhaya Engineering College can access the Anna University Library.

17.    Library follows Reservation System -If a required book is on issue, the student can reserve the book and as soon as the book and as soon as the book is returned, it is issued to the first  reserved person. The priority for reservation: the Management/Principal/Staff/Final Year/Third  Year/Second Year/First Year.

18.    Students and staff who leave the college for any reason at the end of a term/in the middle of the term should return the books before they leave.

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